By Kristi Miller

Have you ever heard the expression, “They Can’t Take Away My Birthday?” I have heard people say that ever since I can remember. The expression normally follows an idea  that may be risky or bold. I have
always interpereted it to mean, “They may not like what I am about to say or do, but hey can’t change the fact that I was here.”
I have written a song about the way many people among our society are trying to take Christ out of Christmas. The title of the song is, “They Can’t Take Away His Birthday.” I hope you enjoy it.

Verse 1
I walked in a department store, saw a “Seasons Greetings” sign
What was wrong with “Merry Christmas?” That always seemed to work just fine
What became of all the cards with a manger scene?
They all have a bow, or maybe snow, but nothing about what Christmas really means
They can take Christmas off the signs, they can even take Christ of the cards
They might take Him out of Christmas  but they can’t take Him from our hearts
They can’t change the fact, He was born to save us and His love is here to stay
Oh no, they can’t take away His birthday
Verse 2
The feeling you get this time of year, the carols that almost make you cry
It all started with a miracle, and a gift that you can’t buy
Have we forgotten where we came from and where we need to be?
At the feet of Jesus, saying, “Happy Birthday” to our King



  1. Amen !!

    January 23, 2013 jim lawson Reply

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