Recent Events

ISIS Sends Parents Body Parts of Daughters, Video Showing Their Brutal Rape and Torture

Tuesday May 3rd, 2016 11:58:34 AM
Horrific stories of the ongoing genocide being carried out by ISIS against Christians and other religious minorities were shared at a conference in New York last week, with one account revealing that a couple was sent the body parts of their dead daughters, along with a video of them being raped and tortured.

American Missionaries Found Brutally Murdered in Jamaica

Monday May 2nd, 2016 04:28:53 PM
At about noon on Saturday, shocked residents of the Boscobel, St. Mary community on the Caribbean island of Jamaica stumbled upon the bound and lifeless body of missionary Randy Hentzel, 48.

City Harvest Church Reveals Japan Earthquake Victims Warned on Facebook About Pastor Kong Hee

Monday May 2nd, 2016 04:00:24 PM
Singapore's City Harvest Church Missions Director Pastor Bobby Chaw says people in Japan received a warning on Facebook about prison-facing Pastor Kong Hee despite the fact that he was in the country to help with relief work for earthquake victims.

US, Russia in Talks to Include Aleppo in Syria's 'Regime of Calm'

Monday May 2nd, 2016 02:38:00 PM
A new report says Russia, along with the United States, are pushing for talks that would result in Aleppo becoming part of the temporary "regime of calm."

Baghdad in State of Emergency as Protesters Storm Parliament Near US Embassy

Sunday May 1st, 2016 03:49:28 PM
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Sunday ordered the arrest of hundreds of supporters of Shiite Muslim cleric Moqtada al-Sadr who stormed Iraq's parliament Saturday evening and camped out, demanding reforms in the political quota system that was introduced after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion.

ISIS Suicide Bomb Attack Kills 32 in Southern Iraq

Sunday May 1st, 2016 01:45:28 PM
Two suicide car bombs claimed by Islamic State killed at least 32 people and wounded 75 others in the center of the southern Iraqi city of Samawa on Sunday, police and medics said.

Hindu Radicals Douse Christian Pastor, Wife With Gasoline to Scare Them Into Converting

Friday April 29th, 2016 06:24:53 PM
Hindu radicals in India doused a Christian pastor and his wife in gasoline in an attempt to force them to convert, a leading Christian human rights group has reported.

Church Leader, Whose Wife Was Buried Alive by Chinese Authorities, Wins Land Rights

Friday April 29th, 2016 04:05:17 PM
The leader of a Chinese church in Henan, whose wife was killed earlier in April after demolition crews buried her alive, has won the rights to the land where the church was destroyed.

ISIS Crucifies 2 Alleged Spies, Films Video as 'First-Person Shooter Games'

Thursday April 28th, 2016 05:09:03 PM
The Islamic State terror group has crucified two men it accused of being spies in a video posted online, which some observers said was "shockingly similar" to first-person-shooter video games because of the style.

Canadian Man Beheaded by Philippine Islamist Terror Group Holding Over 20 Hostages Captive

Thursday April 28th, 2016 04:09:09 PM
Islamist terrorists on the island of Jolo in southern Philippines have beheaded a Canadian hostage and threw his severed head in a plastic bag to be found by police. More than 20 other foreign hostages are still being held captive.